Greg K. says:
"I tried this tea and it was so good I told my co-workers that they really should try it. This tea is better than the other teas I have tasted out here. Keep up the good work and I will spread the word about this tea." 

Terri L. says:
"I hated tea all my life. When I first tasted Grandad’s Sweet Tea, what a refreshing taste. Now I can’t keep it in the house. Always looking for that next fix!"

Becca K. says:
"I was approached by a gentleman while shopping in Duthler’s and he asked me to stop by and sample your tea. I am a tea lover and I was very impressed. I purchased a total of 8 teas with lemon. I will continue to patronize your product. I love it! As long as I know where to find it, it’s sold!" 

Brad H. says:
"This is the best tea I have ever tasted! I am drinking my first bottle and it is the decaf sweet tea with lemon. It is delicious! Can’t wait to try the Original flavor. Thank you for the flavor and for making it in Michigan."

Morgan M. says:
"I was referred to you by a friend who tried your product while in Michigan and absolutely loved it." 

Tyler S. says:
"I love your tea, my favorite is the original, Keep up the good work."

Jerry V. says:
"I wrote previously. Now I’ve tasted and I’m hooked! It is delicious. Thank you."