Award Winning Sweet Iced Tea - Purchase Grandad's Tea in Southfield MI Today

Grandad's Sweet Tea offers a healthy beverage alternative and can be purchased in Southfield MI and surrounding areas. Our goal is to produce an all natural product that contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors and is caffeine free. You can enjoy a Grandad's Tea served hot or cold, our tea's feature an all natural taste with a smooth flavor and no aftertaste.

Grandad's Sweet Iced Tea Is A Healthier Alternative

  • Original Grandad's Sweet Tea
  • Grandad's Splash of Lemon Sweet Tea
  • Unsweetened Grandad's Tea
  • Grandad's Lemonade Tea Mix

  • Sweet Iced Tea is the perfect beverage for all occasions, whether you are hosting a party, summer barbecue or enjoying with your morning breakfast. You will find that can enjoy Grandad's sweet iced tea all year round. We are proud that our tea is brewed without high fructose corn syrup. Our flavors are bold and beautiful, and you never have to shake Grandad's tea.